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Dev Tech Help do not collect any type of  your information here but except for the email id, it uses and discloses personally-identifying information we Collect from your email ID.

when you subscribe to this blog by entering your email address, you have the information of our new post through email ID. We do not send your email address and Personal details  to someone else. We do not share  any kind of information with anyone else.



You can not publish any website or link to a permissions page on our blog unless you have a permissions, if you post  a comment, then you can insert the Domain name of your website and All non-personally-identifying

information and address but can not link to any posts or pages. You keep in mind that if you comment , your comment will be deleted. so you have to take care in future.


Privacy Policy 

Dev Tech Help can change or update  its privacy policy time to time, if there is any change in our website then you can check on this page.


Terms of Service 

We do not  own copyright of any Content on this website or Blog. If you get copyright Content or you get any Content infringe, and you  want it to be removed from this website or blog , or replaced and modify by your original content, please contact  me by Email :-

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